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Re: CMU Column Ties (horizontal)

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This may not matter to you out there in UBC country, but these aren't columns under ACI 530 either. I think (I don't have my copy here at home) that columns are defined as being more than 4 times as tall as they are thick.

I know that the guy who asked a question about 4" CMU earlier wasn't interested in discussing the difficulty of reinforcing and grouting 4" CMU, so I"ll ask you - how the heck do you get rebars, much less grout, in the cells of 4" CMU?


Rick Burch
Columbia, SC

Dennis Wish wrote:

Thanks Nels, this may be my saving grace.


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These seem not to be columns, but components of a fence.

Section 106.2 of the 1997 UBC includes fences not over 6 feet high in the list of work exempt form permit.

Nels Roselund
Structural Engineer
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