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shear bolts- glulam

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If the force in the bolts is acting parallel to the laminations, towards the 
end of the GLB, laminations have a tendency to "unzip."  Through bolts, 
perpendicular to the laminations, should be placed between the connection 
bolts and the end of the member.

I will check my copy of the NDS for Table 8.3D when I get in the office.

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

Andrew Kester wrote:

. > My situation is this:
. > I have a large horizontal (parallel to grain) shear in a glulam (caused
. > by gravity loads, and uplift loads). I plan on using two rows of 3/4"
. > bolts to resist this shear, with two steel side plates.
. > Using NDS, p. 73, Table 8.3D, normally the tables would have Z values
. > parallel and perp. to grain, ie, with the || symbol for parallel to
. > grain. But in this table, at least in my copy, instead of these symbols
. > as subscripts I have " 1/2 1/2" and "^" ?? Am I to assume this is just a
. > typo?
. > Is their anything I should know about shear connections parallel to
. > grain in glulam? Is their any problems if the bolts end up at the
. > lamination layer, or do I need a note not to install the bolts at the
. > layer interface?
. > Andrew Kester, EI
. > Longwood, FL

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