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Re: shear bolts- glulam

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> I have a large horizontal (parallel to grain) shear in
> a glulam (caused by gravity loads, and uplift loads).
> I plan on using two rows of 3/4" bolts to resist this
> shear, with two steel side plates.
> Using NDS, p. 73, Table 8.3D, normally the tables
> would have Z values parallel and perp. to grain, ie,
> with the || symbol for parallel to grain. But in this table,
> at least in my copy, instead of these symbols as
> subscripts I have " 1/2 1/2" and "^" ?? Am I to assume
> this is just a typo?

This is a typo, as identified in the errata publication available from
AF&PA-AWC.  There are actually 2 errata lists (published in 1998 and 2000)
and one addendum (published in 2002) for the 1997 NDS.  All are free
downloads from their web site.

As a general rule, you should periodically check with the publishers of
*all* your design manuals (IBC/UBC, AISC manuals, ACI, etc.) for errata.
Some of the errors will surprise you.

> Is their anything I should know about shear connections
> parallel to grain in glulam? Is their any problems if the
> bolts end up at the lamination layer, or do I need a
> note not to install the bolts at the layer interface?

If the loads are high you'll want to stagger the bolts or space them far
apart to avoid an "unzipping" effect.  Another option might be to add
vertical bolts epoxied in place to act as shear rods (similar to stirrups in
concrete).  I've never done this, but I have heard of it.

I know of no difference between placing the horizontal bolts in the glue
layer vs. a wood layer.


Jason Kilgore
Leigh & O'Kane, L.L.C.
Kansas City, Missouri

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