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Re: Galvanized Rebar

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Most likely not.  Galvanized rebar is stilled used by certain industries for corrosion protection.  Sewage treatment plants use to use it a lot.  It has lost favor over the years since studies have shown that although it will increase corrosion protection versus uncoated bars it is not a big bang for your buck.  Your only issue might be if you weld it, in which case you would probably want to remove the zinc near the welds.

The American Galvanizers Associations still pushes this and you can find literature on galvanized rebar at:

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ABS Consulting

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11/17/2003 04:57 AM

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Galvanized Rebar

A contractor inadvertantly ordered galvanized rebar for some sign structure foundations.  I've never used galvanized rebar - are there any issues/precautions that I should be concerned about?

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