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FEMA Tier3 Analysis - Seismic Factor

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Perhaps you've gotten an answer or discovered it yourself.  The Commentary for FEMA 310 5.2.1 (page 5-2) states that the 0.75 factor "applies to the evaluation of the building only.  Any mitigation or rehabilitation as a result of the evaluation must use the full seismic force for design."

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Original message:




I wanted a clarification on one of the issue mentioned in FEMA 310 which =

is currently the ASCE standard 31-03. =20


Referring to sec5.2.1, it states that 75% of the calculated seismic =

force can be used for a Tier 3 analysis. =20

Q1. Is this only for the evaluation or the retrofit design which =



It suggests that FEMA 356 be used for this evaluation.  It says that the =

75% force is taken since the documents (FEMA356) are intended for ="">

design. =20


Q2. What force level should be considered when upgrading the structure - =



Suppose during evaluation, a few beams (say 10) do not meet the =

suggested criteria and were found 20% overstressed under the 75% seismic =

force level.  But while using 100% seismic level for the retrofit, =

several more members might fail?  How do you justify this unless you did =

a 100% analysis during the evaluation and reported the cost to the =



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