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Title of "Engineer"

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In Missouri Law:

"327.181. Practice as professional engineer defined. -- Any person practices
in Missouri as a professional engineer... [blah blah blah] ...or who uses
the title "professional engineer" or consulting engineer" or the word
"engineer" alone or preceded by any word indicating or implying that such
person is or hold himself or herself out to be a professional engineer, or
who shall use any word or words, letters, figures, degrees, titles or other
description indicating or implying that such person is a professional
engineer or is willing or able to practice engineering."

Reading the above, I understand that the use of the word "engineer" is
regulated.  According to the court in Pennsylvania, it's only regulated if
the title implies the offer of engineering services.

All of the construction "project engineers" that I have met have been either
PE's or EIT's.  Otherwise, they go by the title of "project manager".

Conversely, I can look in the paper and see classified ads for "Building
Maintenance Engineers".  An "Engineer" is the common term for a train
driver.  And the tongue-in-cheek title for a garbage collector is a
"sanitation engineer".

Jason Kilgore
Leigh & O'Kane, L.L.C.
Kansas City, Missouri

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