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Re: [spam] Crane runway bumpers

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Wednesday, November 19, 2003, 7:09:31 AM, you wrote:

GHA> I am looking for info on the design of crane runway end
GHA> stops for cranes with rubber bumpers.  I have the AISE
GHA> Tech Report for mill bldgs which covers hydraulic and
GHA> spring bumpers.  What I am looking for is the design of
GHA> the end stops for your garden variety cranes with rubber
GHA> bumpers.  I have a publication in German which does cover some of 
GHA> this topic, but my German is not up to snuff and I don't if their 
GHA> products will be similar to ours in North America.
GHA> Thanks in advance.
GHA> Gary Hodgson

Best regards,
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