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RE: Bolt edge distance-steel

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Sheared and rolled edges are just like their name indicates.  Sheared edges are edges of plates that have been mechanically sheared (assume same for flame cut) and the rolled edges are the edges that are on the sides of common bar stock rolled at a mill.
For base plates I would always assume sheared edges.  Even it the base plate were cut from bar stock 2 of the edges would be sheared.  You should keep in mind that sometimes strips of steel can be cut from larger blanks (sheets) and therefore all 4 edges could be sheared.
I typically don't consider rolled edges for edge distance unless putting holes in flanges of mill beams (W, M, S, C, MC, etc.) or mill angles... a similar issues as mentioned above could occur on bent angles (versus mill angles)... the flat could have been cut from a sheet.
Greg Effland, P.E.
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Subject: Bolt edge distance-steel

Table J 3.5 (ASD) shows the minimum edge distances for bolts under

two columns showing different values. one column is for sheared edges

and the other for rolled edges. What is the difference between the two, and which one applies to base plates

Tarek Mokhtar, SE

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