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Re: structural steel bolted connection question

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> From: Clifford Schwinger <clifford234(--nospam--at)>

> When looking single shear bolted connections (similar
> to but not exactly like single-plate shear tabs) you
> have to check a nuumber of things to determine the
> connection capacity.  My question is this: How do you
> handle block shear calculations when you have a
> connection with only a few bolts and relatively small
> shear, but you have a big eccentricity?  The normal

The big eccentricity can only impart a moment in a shear connection if
the differential rotation, between the two joined parts, is so great
that moment forces become significant. Ideally, there is a small amount
of rotation available due to the slack in the holes.

Block tear out in such a connection will be limited to those bolts which
have significant loads acting toward the end of the material.

It is common for shear tab connections to experience a small amount of
bearing yield at the bolt holes. Usually, this is limited by the very
small differential rotation that can occur. The result is that many
shear tab connections end up with slotted holes and still perform

> I used an exaggerated example in describing my

> larger. At what point do you have start thinking about
> the fact that the resultant resisting force provided
> by each bolt in a single plate shear connection is not
> acting (primarily) in a direction opposite to the
> reaction on the connection?  At some point the

If your connection is restraining a significant moment due to rotation,
you are no longer dealing with a connection that fits within the
definition of the single-plate shear tab.

Paul Ransom, P. Eng.
Burlington, Ontario, Canada
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