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Certification letters

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I would require current certification letters that refer to the particular 
project and to a particular mix.  Every time the concrete supplier gets a 
delivery of cement, aggregate, etc., it is not going to be exactly the same 
as the previous delivery.  Similarly, the moisture content of aggregate is 
not going to be the same immediately after a rain as it would be after an 
extended period of no rain.

When the notary's commission expires is not relevant.  What the notary 
certifies is that a person identifying him/herself as a particular person did 
sign a document in the presence of the notary on a certain date.

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

Alden Manipula wrote:

. > Hi,

. > I have a question regarding certification letters submitted by the GC
. > regarding concrete, cement, plant inspections, etc.

. > Our GC has submitted these letters along w/ concrete mix designs.  Most of
. > these letters are dated in late 2001, signed by a notery public whose
. > commision expires in mid-2004.  Does this mean that the certification
. > letters are valid until 2004?  They certainly are not current.  How old 
. > can these letters be? 3 monthes? 6 monthes?  

. > Thanks.

. > Alden Manipula
. > Structural E.I.T.
. > Nova Group, Inc.

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