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Quality of Construction in Wood (Was: No more A35F )- to Steven from Cratylus

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Thanks for the picture. I agree and I still see a lot of poor construction in wood framing. We have not learned as a professional community to establish a working relationship with the Building Industry Association to assure proper quality of construction in the field. The most important sub-contractor to a General as far as I am concerned is the Framer. We allow anyone to can lift a hammer and drive a nail without hitting their fingers to be called a framer. This is where field bastardizations such as you show occur.

It is more important to certify a framer than it is to revise and make code methodologies more restrictive. If the builder won’t conform to our details, and the building inspector won’t catch it in the field, then what can we do to assure protection and decent construction?




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Some fellows will still flatten the A35's, or bend the the A35F in the field. Or use a little of both (A35's and LTP4's)

10 years after Northridge, I am still seeing workmen fabricating (creatively) connectors of their own design:
unusual combination of fasteners (10s, 8s, commons, box, even galvanized nails fastening a single connector),
poorly seated framing hardware and a lot of substitution (what we call drop!). Worse, there is more hem fir
sill plates being used now than there ever was!

You need to watch them carefully Dennis!

Steven A.
Los Angeles

Dennis Wish wrote:

Just to let all of you know, Simpson is no longer making the A34F connector. It is replaced by the Simpson LTP4 which has a higher lateral (H direction) value. I was unaware of then until Tom Harris caught it on a Plan Review he is doing for the City of Palm Desert. Good eyes, Tom – thanks for letting me know. 

We need to start looking closer at the material catalogs we use in daily work. I use the Online Simpson catalogs which are extremely helpful.

Dennis S. Wish, PE