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Re: AASHTO Pedestrian Bridge Railing Requirements

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My  1989 edition of Guide Specifications for Bridge Railing, with 1990
Interim, has the following articles:

G2.7.2 Bicycle Railing

   G2.7.2.2 Geometry and Loads

      G2. The minimum height of a railing used to protect a
bicyclist shall be 54 inches, measured from the top of the surface on which
the bicycle rides to the top of the top rail.

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Good morning everyone,

Does anyone have access to the AASHTO Guide Specifications for Design of
Pedestrian Bridges?  We have ordered the publication but with the holidays
it won't arrive in time to resolve our client's question.

Is anyone willing to look up the requirements in the above publication for
railings on a bridge intended to carry pedestrian and bicycle traffic only?

AASHTO's Standard Specifications for Highway Bridges, 16th edition,
requires a minimum height of 54 inches and that the railing assembly such
that a 6 inch sphere will not pass through any opening (between the riding
surface and 27" above it) and an 8 inch sphere will not pass through any
opening (27" above the riding surface).  AASHTO's Guide for the Development
of Bicycle Facilities, 1999, states only that railings should be a minimum
of 42 inches high.

Thanks for your help.  Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

Troy Madlem, P.E.

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