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Re: E/O Insurance

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Great point, good to hear from you again.  Unfortunately, we all can share similar war stories...
Couple years ago - when my EO premiums went up another 60%, I posted something about it on the list - with no response at all. 
Essentially, such condition is driving SEs from the residential design - with corresponding circumstances.  For example, architects doing all detailing and then somebody with a PE rubberstamping those and supplying some basic calcs... 
Dennis and Roger made perfect points why it does not make sense to buy the insurance.  Unfortunately, like Bill Allen wrote, some (may be, most of the) clients - and not necessarily lawyers-homeowners - would not even consider bids without the EO, as useless as it really is.     
The situation needs to be addressed and resolved.  This may be a good cause (and good time) for some professional engineering organization to fight for. 
Steve Gordin, SE
Irvine CA
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Sent: Tuesday, November 25, 2003 9:02 AM
Subject: Re: E/O Insurance

I had two different clients (architects) asking me for a fee proposal, and "warning" me that his client wants to see a copy of my E/O insurance policy. Needless to state, in both cases, the architects clients were laywers!!!
Unfortunatley for one of the architects, who contacted 5 structural engineers and received 5 declines, was threatened with a law suit by his client for not "fulfilling" his duty to find a structural consultant.
Antonio S. Luisoni
Consulting S.E.