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RE: E/O Insurance

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At a recent conference on liability a local insurance agent that specializes in prof liability gave the dollars in versus dollars out to the insurance companies for various types of work.  Insurance companies spend 3x as much as their income for structural design of private residences.  We quit doing those types of jobs in all but a few special cases because of that number.

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Here are my 5 cents worth: I dropped my E/O insurance a couple of years ago after the premiums almost doubled each year for last four years!  I Never had a claim or gave notice that I might get sued. The "reason" for thee rate increase was, that the underwriters (Lloyds of London)  declared California structural engineers as a high risk.
I have been an expert witness several times and was very disappointed to see and hear "reputable" structural engineers stating their "professional opinions" (i.e. lies) in depositions, taking a 180 degree turn to their true knowledge and believes.
At one time in court, the judge stated that, since the drawings and calculations have been approved by the Bulding Department and since they know what they are doing, the drawings and calculations submitted and approved by the Bulding Department had to be correct!! 
Antonio S. Luisoni