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RE: Happy Thanksgiving, to ALL

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Thank you for the kind thoughts, but there is certainly no need for an apology.  I have not been greatly offended by any of your posts.  One of my many blessings is a really thick skin, which nicely complements my hard head and my sharp tongue!
I wish you, and everyone on this Listserv, a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday spent in good health and prosperity amongst an abundance of family and friends.
Stan R. Caldwell, P.E.
Dallas, Texas

To All,

I would like to add the same sentiments as Bill has. We’ve debated heatedly on important issues. Specifically, I would like to direct this sentiment to Stan Caldwell and others I’ve taken specific objection to – it was out of dedication, passion and concern for our profession only. I wish Stan and everyone else the happiest and healthiest holiday season and New Year.  Sometimes the politics of our profession brings out the worst of us, but in the end there is no question that we do what we do because we believe our actions are honorable and we wish to draw attention to what we believe is relevant and important – an alternative opinion based on the facts we present.  I believe the same is true of Stan and others I have disagreed with.

So in closing, I hope that Stan will forgive and understand our compassion to inject our opinions and thoughts into the debate so that others will consider the alternatives and the facts we represent and in the end leave our anger aside and let the members of our profession weigh the value and decide what is best for the future of structural engineering. In the mean time, the next several weeks is time that is dear to our families and none have been more family conscience that Stan – I certainly respect you for this as I do each and every one of you who are close to those dear to you. The best present we can give to those who mean so much is recognition for how much they mean to us whether you believe in a Creator or not – as long as we believe in each other.


My best to all of you and your families during this holiday season,

Dennis S. Wish, PE

California Professional Engineer

Structural Engineering Consultant