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Re: URM Building per UCBC

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Larry - The UCBC makes no distinction between adhered vs anchored veneer.
However, UBC 1403.4 allows adhered veneer with a bond that can withstand a
shearing stress of 50 psi, a weight no more than 15 psf and a number of
other application provisions. If you can demonstrate equivalence under 104.2
with tests, then that might be an acceptable approach to negotiate with the
building official. On the other hand it may be simpler/cheaper to add
stainless ties.

As far as wall testing, the operative word is "consistently". It might be
worth your client's while to do some additional push tests on the wall in
question. You can also create another "class" of walls so that the low test
values on this one wall do not unduely penalize other wall classes that can
have higher values. There are typically serious deformation compatibility
problems with wood shear walls used in combination with URM. Pointing and
retesting may be your best approach. You're required to account for the
other wythes also being weak per item 4 of that section.

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