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RE: SE job opportunities - Chicago

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You are not contacting the SEA chapters as their executive directors and employees who put together their newsletters do not participate or pay much attention to the listservice. You can send e-mails and I would probably suggest you spend an hour or two starting with a form letter and submitting the letter to each chapter by obtaining their direct e-mail address from the SEAINT Website at

The people you are reaching here are spread around the world and most are employed either as an independent (which could help) or, as the majority are, employed by larger companies.

I would guess that less than 15% of the total numbers of members of SEAxXX are subscribed to this list. Even less, if you consider the total number of engineers capable of the work that you need help with who are not members of an SEA chapter. Still, I think you will do yourself a service to reach out to each SEAOXX chapter in the surrounding states or those with large memberships who receive a paper newsletter – on top of anyone on this list that you subscribe to.

As to a difference of opinion – these are differences in opinion, just additional ideas and thoughts as how to seek help. It’s got to be easier and faster than filing an H-1B application :>) As an independent, I think I would be looking where the community congregates, not in the local newspaper.

Leave no stone unturned :>)


Good Luck



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Subject: RE: SE job opportunities - Chicago


There seems to be a difference of opinion on the list regarding this issue.


During the H1-B discussion, I mentioned that prior to hiring the visa worker, I posted

Ads in the Chicago Tribune, Career Builder and in a valiant attempt

To recruit a qualified US SE.



As I was subsequently told by various list members, THAT was the wrong thing to do…

I should not do a mass listing, like in a newspaper or on a website!


According to these folks, I should, in fact contact the SEA’s direct, as I am doing now by posting on this list.




I realize of course, that all these methods are good ways to attract candidates…


It just goes to show that you can’t please all of the people all of the time!!!!!!




David L. Fisher, SE, PE


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Subject: RE: SE job opportunities - Chicago


Dennis S. Wish wrote:


Possibly, others can suggest how to make a resource available in both electronic and paper media.




Whenever I am hiring (such as now), I start by placing a classified ad in the Sunday Edition of the Dallas Morning News.  This newspaper is read throughout Texas and beyond.  In addition, the ad is automatically posted on the Dallas Morning News website, which is visited by job-seekers worldwide.  Resumes flow in from all sorts of exotic places, from Pennsylvania to Pakistan.


Happy Thanksgiving,


Stan R. Caldwell, P.E.

Dallas, Texas  



When compared to Chicago, Dallas offers higher salaries, lower taxes,

better weather, and much better football and basketball!