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Slender CMU Wall Design

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I am doing a preliminary design on a slender CMU wall.  I have several questions.

1. The wall is for a pre-engineered metal building.  The wall (eave height)is 30 feet tall.  The spacing of the rigid frames are 26.5 feet.  The architect is bumping out the face of the wall at the frame columns.  The CMU wall will create a pilaster type affect at the column, although it will not be a solid grouted pilaster as it only wraps around the rigid frame.  Because of this it seems logical to place the crack control joints of the CMU wall at the interior corners where the wall bumps out at the rigid frame.  If the joints are located at this location then it seems to me that the wall must span vertically, not horizontally.  Is this a correct assumption?  

2. Should I have some type of tie between the wall panel and the column wrap that crosses the control joint other than the rubber joint material itself?

3. If the wall spans vertically as I assume it should then the unbraced height of the wall is 30 feet.  This will make my wall design a slender wall.  I have not designed one of these before.  Can anyone recommend some good literature/text on slender wall design, complete with good example problems?

4. I have the NCMA program for wall design but the documentation for slender wall design is lacking.  Does anyone have some design examples I can use to run on my software to check if I am doing it right?  If so, you can email me a PDF file of the examples directly.

5. I have a limited amount of literature on slender wall design.  One of the examples have 8" CMU walls spanning 28 feet in height.  That seems pretty slender to me.  Not only will my walls be exterior walls, but they will also be shear walls at some locations.  Has anyone else designed shear walls 30 feet high before?  Any suggestions for designing and detailing?  This building is located in East Texas and will primarily be subject to wind loads.

Thanks for all your help.


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