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Re: Connections

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Sub: Connections

Thanks to all of you who have posted your thoughts and
opinions on the subject of the desirability of
connection design being delegated to the Fabricator.

As stated in my previous mail, I am now involved in an
advisory capacity in detailing for US fabricators.
This subject is very relevant for me and I am
following the proceedings with great interest.

I am a very active member of another list devoted to
steel detailing (steel-detail(--nospam--at) and
this subject will be of interest to several among the
1300 and odd list members on the steel-detail list.
Most of these members are Americans.

I am compiling a digest of discussions on this thread
in the seaint list.
I have already announced on the steel-detail list that
the discussions are interesting and relevant to all
involved in Steel detailing.

I have offered to send a copy of the digest of the
discussions to any list member who is interested and I
anticipate a good number of requests for a copy.

If the number of persons interested is large, I may
even post a copy of the digest for all to read on the
steel-detail list.
Due to the Thanksgiving holidays, there have been
fewer posts on this than I would have desired.
I am sure more of you will have useful and relevant
thoughts and opinions to express and also experiences
to relate.
After the holidays are over, I hope more seaint list
members will contribute to this thread. 
You are assured of a much wider readership on this
issue if you choose to write in.
I will update the digest and circulate it as soon as
the discussions conclude.

For the information of list members, I am an active
and prolific contributor to the steel - detail list. I
am even more verbose on that list than Donnis Wish is
in this list. (Dennis, I hope you are not offended. By
the way, I read all that you write. I am not sure
everyone reads all that I write on the steel-detail

Due to shortage of time, I am content to leave the
stage open to Dennis Wish, Scott Maxwell, Stan, Bill
Polhemus and others and merely lurk in the background
and watch from the sidelines all the action and fun in
the seaint list.

It is not often that a thread directly relevant to my
current area of interest is discussed and I welcome
this opportunity to act as a link between the two

G. Vishwanath (aka Vish on the steel-detail list)
Bangalore, India

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