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RE: Connections

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I second that!!

As a compromise to the extremist measures that you
propose (extremist by today's standards), how about
ONE course on structural DRAFTING for engineering
students. Why can't the universities find time to
squeeze in a single course on structural DRAFTING (not
"CAD") in the six years that our students are spending
in college for their BS and MS degrees!

Structural engineers have to get back into the "same
orbit" as the people who are building the structures
we design....oops, I didn't mean to get on a soap
box...but this is a subject that's of great interest
to me and I believe it is an issue that, while being
ignored by most, is the most critical issue facing our
profession today - that of poor quality construction
documents. This thread, that started with "connection
design responsiblity", is directly related to the
widespread problem of incomplete structural drawings
within our profession. While many engineers might use
the "exuse" that they want to leave connection design
to fabricators under that guise that this will lower
bid prices and save owners money, I believe that many
engineers give short shrift to connection design
because they've been beaten into the ground with their
fees and they think they'll save time and money by
passing the connnection design task onto the
fabricator. In my opinion, this is not a good idea.

Well, that's my $0.02!

Cliff Schwinger

--- "David L. Fisher" <dfisher(--nospam--at)> wrote:
> Give me an ?old timer? any day over the CAD geek,
> particularly when it comes
> to steel detailing!!!
> I, personally, wish graduate engineers would be
> required to work as
> detailers prior
> To working as design engineers (like in the old
> days).

> David L. Fisher, SE, PE

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