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RE: Connections

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The engineering drawings, as you and I would produce or which the fabricator 
would produce, and engineering calculations should contain the weld and bolt 
engineering information.  The detailer would pick this information off the 
engineering drawings/calculations and place the information on the shop 
drawing.  No engineering is required on the part of the detailer.  However, 
if there are no engineering drawings or calculations, and the detailer 
selects what he/she believes is the correct connection/weld/bolt detail from 
"standards," then, yes, engineering is included on the shop drawing and it 
must be sealed.  Actually, any selection based on strength/capacity of a 
part, i.e., engineering, needs to be sealed, however, shop drawings are not 
really the place to do the engineering.

I agree that very few shop drawings or fabricator produced engineering 
drawings/calculations leave the office without having some "blood" on them.

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

Gary Hodgson wrote:

. > Roger

. > I disagree.  Most shop drawings have engineering in them--size and 
. > length of welds, no of bolts, edge distance for tear-out, etc.
. > Fotunately most of this is pre-engineered in the AISC or CISC 
. > handbook.  However, most shops i.e detailers, these days don't know 
. > these books inside out and often err- they don't know minimum weld
. > sizes, for example, a lot of engineers also don't know these.  That 
. > is why we have to check shop drawings.

. > Seldom do I check drawings without having to red-line something.

. > Gary

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