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RE: Engineering Education

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I loath the term "CAD Training" because I associate it with those thrilling
days of yesteryear, when the focus suddenly shifted from the work actually
being produced, to how to use the tool (CAD).

The rising generation grew up with computers. There is no need for "CAD
Training" any longer, because the software is both cheap and easy to use.

What is needed is a return to DRAFTING, and a shift in focus BACK to the
actual work being performed and away from the obsession with how to use the

Computers are no longer "new technology." They are old hat, and we need to
recognize that and get beyond the "how to use the tool" mindset.

BTW, not implying that's what you are doing, personally, but the
disappointing failure of CAD to live up to the hype from fifteen (even
twenty!) years ago has much to do, I think, with a loss of skills that used
to be common with the "board draftsman." Too many of the youngsters (and
even the not-so-young) have never been given the opportunity to learn the
principles behind what they are trying to achieve.

We still pretty much use Euclidean geometry, even if represented by pixels
instead of graphite. We should never have lost sight of that.

William L. Polhemus, Jr. P.E.
Polhemus Engineering Company
Katy, Texas USA

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Well Mike, I invest at least one year (sometimes more) waiting for them to
be truly productive.

During that time, they learn how to:

- Draft (very few have any REAL CAD training...) 

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