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Re: Structural Drafting course (was RE: Connections)

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Dear All,

Just to give you a feel for how times have changed over the last 50 or
so years.

At my previous job, the big boss, now retired, was talking about the
role of the draftsman in the days of yore.  He said before the engineer
would start the calcs, the draftsman would have laid out the plans,
knowing enough to select the probable steel layout.  While the engineer
was doing the calcs, the draftsman would rough out the building sections
and details, picking the probable beam sizes, is it a W18x or W8x.  Then
the draftsman would finish up the drawings.

When I was there, a few years back, the engineers were not allowed to do
any cad drafting.  In a very large office, there was only one function
drafting table; needed it for hatching copies of old drawings showing
areas of work.  One Friday afternoon, had a crisis on a remodel /
retrofit of a 1927 school and the contractor needed the detail right
away to give to DSA (the public school building department for those
outside of California), and no draftsmen were available for a couple
days.  I started to draw it, slowly, and the big project manager saw me,
and quick got a draftsman for me, since it was a simple detail.

One of the better draftsman at this company is a former engineer, who
got tired of the constant stress and responsibility and opted for the
simple life.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.  How many years did
it take to train a draftsman to be that "productive".

Patrick Rodgers

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