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RE: Schooling (was Connections)

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Things have changed dramatically in the structural
engineering profession ? at least the segment of the
profession that I work in.  Engineering fees, project
schedules and the methodology by which consulting
structural engineering firms design projects no longer
affords the luxury providing ?training camps? for new
graduates.  Granted, some training will always be
required, but it appears that many engineering
graduates today seem LESS WELL prepared when they
enter the marketplace than were engineers entering the
profession 20 years ago.

We engineers in the trenches are just asking for some
help from academia to better prepare new engineers for
the workplace.  If the answer from academia is ?No,
that?s not our job?? then so be it. I was just
pointing out a problem and offering what I thought was
a good suggestion.  I?m surprised at the resistance
that I?m hearing.

In this ?new economy? that we are in, when things
change you have to adapt ? and you have to adapt
quick, or you?ll be dead meat with the blink of an

Cliff Schwinger

> Scott Maxwell wrote:
> . > Roger,
> . > And this is where I have a problem.  If you
> think along this line, then it
> . > implies that the "customer" (the profession)
> expects a finished "product"
> . > (the student/young engineer).  The problem is
> the current "manufacturing
> . > process" is not meant to produce a finished
> "product".  You really
> . > need to liken the student "product" coming out
> of the schools as a engine
> . > for a car.  The "customer" then buys that
> engine, but still has some
> . > "work" to do to put the engine in the car before
> the "customer" really has
> . > the final finished "product" that they can
> "drive" around.  In otherwords,
> . > schools do supply a "product" (as they are meant
> to) but just not a
> . > "product" in the completely final form that the
> "customer" really can just
> . > go out an drive.

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