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RE: Perforated shear wall design

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Did Diekmann publish his analytical approach?  I take it you're saying
he didn't publish the test results only.  I'm thirsty for a good design
methodology for reinforced openings in walls, if you have any leads on
this.  Thanks.
It's been mentioned in this thread, but I think it's very important to
emphasize that the perforated method is empirical, and so traditional
assumptions about segmented theory are sidestepped.  
And so the more testing the better.  Now that would make a worthwhile
Ed Tornberg

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IIRC the testing methodolgy was exactly the same for the perforated
(unreinforced) walls, the Simpson Strongwall, Hardy Frame, et. al. None
of them have been through a real earthquake but I'd have to agree that
I'm not comfortable with unreinforced openings in Zone 4.

Ed Diekmann oversaw a set of monotonic tests on reinforced, perforated
walls that were never published but supposedly validated  his analytical
apprach.  Maybe Charley will improve our knowledge on the subject.
Chuck Utzman, P.E.

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