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Kim: I doubt any responsible engineer is going to just drop by UPS tonight and send you their drawings and calcs. This is what we get paid the big bucks to do, plus noone knows what you will do with them. However, if you have a specific question, someone will likely try to address it. I think the CRSI latest edition would serve you well with any pre-cast or concrete details, they have example calcs and drawings...
Does anyone else like Gail a lot more now that we know she once shoveled concrete? :)  For what it's worth, I think every engineer should buy some bags of concrete at Home Depot and play a little bit. Besides a work out mixing it in your wheelbarrow, you can get some great first hand experience in mixing, placing, consolidating, and finishing. I just did a little patio/stoop and it cost me $20 and looks great. Oh crap, I didn't get a permit!! Promise not to tell?...
I am not pushing that hard for a full blown AE program at every school, but how about a more pure structural program? My engineering school offered enough structural courses to keep me very busy, but I did not have time for them because I was taking transportation, hydraulics, environmental, etc etc...  I guess I am asking for more flexibility to custom tailor a BS like you do an MS. Then again, ABET may tie the University's hands a bit. I think this could be done with no real effort, as the courses were already offered and taught.