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Re: Spec'ing PEMBs [was Lateral Deflection of Masonry Wall Building]

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> From: "John C. Jones" <john(--nospam--at)>
> My reference to crying is bid jobs.  You have it spec'd a certain way =
> and then half of them call to try and change the criteria verbally.  =
> They're just trying to undercut the next bidder.  That's competition, =
> but don't let your basis be because you're "wasting the owners money".

Cue the violins ...
They're not the ones that get the call when something doesn't work
beyond the face of the steel. If they all bid the same spec they can
always submit an alternate pending acceptance.

> The design build job I mention had me coming in after the job was quoted =
> and the building was about to be ordered.  It's common in this area to =
> do foundations only after the building is already ordered.  It's not =

Foundations after building design is everywhere. The industry is in a
constant struggle to improve response times to generate anchor layout
and reactions for each project.

> The little sympathy aspect is in reference to bid jobs.  If you're doing =
> a job that will cost $20/sf total and the cost extra is a quarter to get =
> a stiff frame, then that's pretty small.

Except that the PEMB manufacturer only sees about $5/sf (simple,
repetitive job) to $10/sf (complex). The manufacturer is a sub to the
GC. Understanding that is the first big hurdle in understanding how to
deal with PEMBs in a project.

Paul Ransom, P. Eng.
Burlington, Ontario, Canada
<mailto:ad026(--nospam--at)> <>

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