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RE: Schooling (was Connections)

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> Sizing a beam

If can't do that, then the school failed.

> Drafting a framing plan

Ah, personally I did not go to college to learn to be a drafter/CAD
operator, so I don't necessarily see this as a universities
responsibility.  At best, I should know what a framing plan LOOKS like
after graduating.

> Drafting a structural detail

See previous comment.

> Hand drawing a sketch

Again, not the point of going to a university.  I can teach any high
school student to draw a hand sketch.  What I want is the structural
engineering grad to KNOW what needs to go on the drawing (within limits).
While it is nice for engineers to know how to do such stuff, frankly you
are wasting your clients money (and your potential profits) if you are
paying engineers to draft.  But that is your choice.  I would rather be
paying them to ENGINEER/DESIGN.


Ypsilanti, MI

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