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Re: Engineering Education Reply to Bill P.

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From: "Gerard Madden, SE" <xyz(--nospam--at)>
> P.S. - If you use paperspace for anything other than a plan with a
> matchline or 3d drawing, please see the light and learn to XREF. Don't
> draw text and leaders in paperspace !!! Also, don't use digitizers, pull
> down menus, or icons - use the keyboard young skywalker.

Keyboard:  AMEN!  I have this argument with our technicians about once a
month.  A mixture of 1 and 2 character commands, function keys, and mouse
clicks using TWO hands is MUCH faster than using one hand on a mouse alone.

Paperspace:  I worked with one client that required us to draw all objects
in model space and put ALL dimensions and text in paperspace.  It was a huge
pain in the ^$$.

On the other hand, we've gotten away from using XREF's, except with title
blocks.  Computers are fast enough and have enough RAM now that we typically
have only a few DWG files for an entire project.  For small projects, one
plan file and one detail file with multiple layout tabs (paperspace) each.
Everything is drawn in modelspace, typically grouped roughly by type of
detail.  We set the DIMSCALE, LTSCALE and text size locally for each detail
(we have custom buttons that do this for each scale), then view each detail
in a separate window zoomed to the specific scale.  All layout tabs are 1:1.

The biggest benefit is on larger projects where with our old method (each
detail and plan is drawn in a separate AutoCAD file then XREF'd onto a final
drawing) we might have several hundred separate files.

Jason W. Kilgore
Project Engineer
Leigh & O'Kane, L.L.C.
Kansas City, Missouri

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