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RE: Schooling (was Connections)

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Warning: If you wish to hear some blunt opinions about
the quality of structural drawings being produced
today, this is a good place to go. If your ego's are
easily bruised - stay away. 

These people will tell you what they think of
engineers with lots of education who can't produce
good quality, readable and complete structural
drawings. Believe it or not, some of them are even
tuned into this thread that has been going on over the
past week on SEAINT. They seem to care more about this
problem (poor quality structural drawings) than most
structural engineers do. Indeed many structural
engineers are not even aware that there's a problem.

I have the upmost respect for veteran structural steel
detailers - particularly those who started their
careers with a pencil in their hand. When they
universally agree that a large percentage of
structural drawings produced today suck - and suck big
time, structural engineers had best listen.

Cliff Schwinger

(P.S. Be aware also that many of these detailers have
purchased CASE Document 962D - have you?)

--- "Lowen, Dave" <Dave.Lowen(--nospam--at)> wrote:
>> I would ask all list members to log onto
> steel-detail(--nospam--at) and ask any of my 1200
> peers exactly what they think of your work, if you
> dare.
> Regards,
> Dave 

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