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RE: Schooling (was Connections)

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On Thu, 4 Dec 2003, Neil Moore wrote:

> Scott:
> "Drafting a framing plan"
> I think the word "drafting" should have been "designing" a framing
> plan.   I don't think I want a drafter preparing a framing plan without
> some guidance.  This is pretty fundamental stuff, but also can be
> tricky.    I wonder how many of this list actually put a building together
> (drawings, calcs, et. all) prior to graduating from college?

While I did not do "drawings" (i.e. complete drawings) for a building, I
certainly did sketchs for structural elements that I designed in school.
Most schools at that time did not do whole structural "systems" but rather
just did elements.  In today's world, schools MUST have senior Capstone
cousre (i.e. senior design project) that can help students think of the
whole system.

I think you said it well in the first sentence.  I learned how to design
it and enough to pass on that information to the person who would draft
it.  But, I did not lot got to school to learn how to actually draft the
plans (although it turns out I did take a course on CAD).

> I also wonder how many engineers are still doing "hand" calcs?   Was the
> preparation of structural calculations taught?  How many have had a course
> in the preparation of structural calcs, you know, the title page, index,
> criteria, organization of loads and sections (---numbering of pages!!), as
> well as the reference sections and maybe the documentation for an in-house
> program or spreadsheet?   How do we document our input into some of the
> commercial design programs?

To answer your questions (at least for me) in order:  Yes.  No.  No course
but I do such anyways (product of being anal _AND_ having to grade other
students homeworks which meant trying to figure out what the $@#% they are
doing).  I generally at a minimum printout a graphical screen showing
nodes numbers, member numbers, and loads (and don't like most design [not
analysis] much of black boxes).


Ypsilanti, MI

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