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RE: Plated wood truss failures?

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Up here in Alaska truss bracing inspections are routine.  Another question you might ask is whether or not the Colorado failures were a result of roof sheathing failure.  Reference the APA Load-span tables for APA structural-use panels and you’ll clearly see how easy it would be for the design loads to be exceeded by a large snow fall.


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I recently inspected a house with a truss roof system in which NONE of the lateral bracing members had been installed as required by the truss engineering.  My general experience indicates that building inspectors do not have enough time to fully inspect house framing, and that contractors do not always know how to read the truss engineering to see where bracing is required (and that the truss calcs can be confusing).  In many cases, houses do not have an actual engineer who will go out and notice these problems.


Last winter I read reports of many roofs that failed under heavy snow in Colorado.  Was there any sort of pattern that would link truss failures to lack of properly installed permanent lateral bracing?  Any of you out there involved in residential construction notice problems involving permanent lateral bracing installation?