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Re: Effective length of columns

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The AISC Manual of Steel Construction (third edition) has two alignment charts on page 16.1-191 and 192.  One is for sidesway inhibited and the other for sidesway uninhibited.

If you would like to use the actual formula you can find them in an AISC Engineering Journal article third quarter 1992 by Pierre Dumonteil.  Note that there is also a correction page that shows p.III Equation 4 should read K = 3Ga +1.4/3Ga+2.0.

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12/04/2003 09:02 PM

Please respond to

Effective length of columns

Hello everybody
     What graphs or equations are you following in USA to
determine the effective length of columns.
We are using figures from "The Structural Engineer" No 7 Vol 52, July 1974
of the Council of the Institution of Structural Engineers, U.K. ; here in


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