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RE: Schooling (was Connections)

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I have found, as a "one man show," that as I have had to rely on myself to
do the drawings, and my skills have thus improved, it would be nigh unto
impossible to have anyone else do my drawings for me, and have it be worth
either my time OR my money. By the time I to the preliminary designs, brief
a hypothetical "technician" on what I want done, wait for turnaround, check
what he did, apply changes that will surely come up, etc., it is FAR cheaper
for me to do it myself.

Architects have always known this, of course. The notion of a "CAD
Department" only makes since in certain narrowly-defined industries and/or
fields of practice.

A fellow I knew some years ago in the enviro engineering business said that
he once did a post-doctoral research project (while he was working for a
"think tank") that showed that an engineer could do his own CORRESPONDENCE
(what used to be called "word processing") more efficiently--less time and
less cost--than having a secretary do it.

He surmised that the same would hold true IN SPADES for production of design

FWIW, I tend to believe that strongly.

William L. Polhemus, Jr. P.E.
Polhemus Engineering Company
Katy, Texas USA

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Many times it is much easier for me to draft a detail in CAD than by hand
only to give to a CAD tech. 

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