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Looking for a Wi-Fi PDA

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I would like to hear from some of you who are using one of the newer palm or pocket PC devices that are Wi-Fi enabled. I am seeking one and have been considering the new Palm T3 or the Dell Axium(?) or the Toshiba new Wi-Fi?  I think that the new Palm is Microsoft compatible to accept the contact list and phone directories of Microsoft Office, but I am not sure. I like the idea that the T3 allows for a wider side view in case I want to load a spreadsheets. However, the Dell is a workhorse and I have always been partial to Dell as it is my main laptop (Inspiron 8500).


All computers in my home are Wi-Fi connected to my DSL service and each of three computers so I can share files. It is important to me to be able to leave my office (including my laptop) and have my PDA next to me so I can jot down notes, check appointments and do some surfing without lugging the laptop into the bedroom and getting my wife ticked off. Furthermore, I enjoy reading novels on my PDA as there are a lot of choices on the Project Gutenberg Library.


Your comments and opinions will help a great deal.



Dennis S. Wish, PE