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Question regarding rebar corrosion

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Hi, all.  I need some expert advice.  I recently had footings poured and a block foundation built for a home extension during some cold weather in the Northeast.  When I confided to the mason that I was concerned about the drop in temperatures, he told me not to worry, that he had put some calcium chloride (1%) in the footings as an "antifreeze."  Not being a chemist but realizing that chloride is salt, I did some research and learned some concerning things about rebar corrosion.  I believe that there is adequate cover of the rebar (the plan called for 3 inches at the bottom and 2 inches from the outside).
My question is this:  Should I waterproof the outside of the footing and with what material?  I'm hoping to slow down the corrosion process but at the same time I don't want to use any material or process that could make the problem worse.  I'm less concerned about the inside of the footing as it will become part of the crawlspace floor (crawlspace is 4 feet high of which 3 1/2 is underground.)  Of course, there's nothing I can do about the bottom of the footing.
The builder will be putting in footing drains, as well.  Any input on the waterproofing issue would be a tremendous help.  Also any other useful comments would be appreciated.  I'm not in a flood zone or (as far as I can tell) a high water area, nor am I near any parking lot, etc. where a lot of road salt would be in the ground.
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