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RE: Looking for a Wi-Fi PDA

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I'm in the middle of deciding which one to get also, and don't have a decision yet but leaning toward a PocketPC at the moment.
You can sync Word or Excel file to a device running Palm OS, however you still need to buy (may come with the device) a third party software to read those files, such at QuickOffice or DocumentToGo.  I' think the Palm T3 comes with those software pre-loaded.  I haven't used one of those software for a while, but the older version (when Palm was still 16 shades of gray) was OK, not great. There were limitation on the length of your Excel formula for example.  You can sync your Outlook with Palm, but again, I have not used the latest version, so it was OK, not great.  Fore example, Palm use "category" in it's contact program for quick access of contacts, and any contact entry with no category specified goes into a "uncategorized" category,  which could be a long list after a while because in Outlook, at least for most people including myself, the category field is rarely filled in Outlook.  I don't think T3 comes with WiFi built-in, you might have to get an expansion card for that.  Tungsten C comes with WiFi, but not the same form factor and design as T3.  I think the horizontal view of T3 is very cool.  T3 has Bluetooth, but I don't know if that's what you are looking for.  The PalmOS is easier to use that PocketPC.   It doesn't have that whole complex Windows feeling.  There are way more shareware/freeware available for Palm ( since it's been around longer than PocketPC, and there are some fully grown development environment for writing Palm software using VB (check AppForge, pretty neat stuff, I wrote a anchor bolt design program in VB that was ported to Palm using AppForge, better than a spreadsheet). 
For PocketPC, I think all PocketPC comes with a version of Pocket Office, with reads Word and Excel (and other Office docs?), and it integrates with Outlook pretty well.  Most of PocketPC are bulkier than the T3, but more models available with built-in WiFi.  I think the PocketPC has a stronger IR than Palm, at least the older Palm.  It was a stretch to use Palm as a remote control for your TV, but I think one of those IPAQ comes with a program that will let you use your PocketPC as a remote at a good distance. 
So anyway, one of the biggest reason that I'm leaning toward a PocketPC is the wider availability of different models that come with WiFi.  But I do like the T3's form factor and the simplicity of PalmOS.
Hope this clear things up for you.  :)
Y i   Y a n g,   P. E.             
Santa Rosa, California
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Subject: Looking for a Wi-Fi PDA

I would like to hear from some of you who are using one of the newer palm or pocket PC devices that are Wi-Fi enabled. I am seeking one and have been considering the new Palm T3 or the Dell Axium(?) or the Toshiba new Wi-Fi?  I think that the new Palm is Microsoft compatible to accept the contact list and phone directories of Microsoft Office, but I am not sure. I like the idea that the T3 allows for a wider side view in case I want to load a spreadsheets. However, the Dell is a workhorse and I have always been partial to Dell as it is my main laptop (Inspiron 8500).


All computers in my home are Wi-Fi connected to my DSL service and each of three computers so I can share files. It is important to me to be able to leave my office (including my laptop) and have my PDA next to me so I can jot down notes, check appointments and do some surfing without lugging the laptop into the bedroom and getting my wife ticked off. Furthermore, I enjoy reading novels on my PDA as there are a lot of choices on the Project Gutenberg Library.


Your comments and opinions will help a great deal.



Dennis S. Wish, PE