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Re: H-1B conspiracists

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Attention    SEAINT  List member

And   those   H-1B   conspiracists

For those of you that aren't aware  of the   
Job Destruction  NewsLetter   I pass along a sample copy................

There  is also   The H-1B  Newsletter   of Professor Norman Matloff'  University of California @ Davis

      by Rob Sanchez

President Bush isn't a viable option for President if you want to save
American jobs. Bush supports unlimited H-1B visas, unlimited
guest-worker visas for blue-collar workers, and he recently proved that
he won't oppose the WTO's free-trade mandates to destroy our steel
industry. Simply put, Bush will continue to allow our industries to be
offshored and he will support the importation of cheap foreign labor to
take our jobs.

The logical alternative would be to vote for a Democrat for President,
but don't rush to their support quite yet! That's because every single
major candidate is kowtowing to India.

Democrats like the smell of Rupees as much as the Dollar. They recently
pledged their allegiance to India by writing letters of commitment to
the interests of USINPAC. You can see shortened versions of their
letters below, and there are links so that you can read their entire
letters of betrayal to the American workers who will be voting for
them. Preceding their letter summaries is an email that was sent out by
Sanjay Puri, the Executive Director of USINPAC. Sanjay is so proud of
the fact that he has all the major candidates under his thumb he
announced it to USINPAC members on 12/1/2003 via email.

The U.S. India Political Action Committee, or USINPAC, was formed by
Indian American owned IT businesses in order to use their political
clout to enhance offshoring to India, and of course to promote an
easing of any restrictions that H-1B and L-1 visas contain. They focus
on obtaining lucrative US government contracts.

USINPAC is registered with the Federal Election Commission in the state
of Virginia
see (

USINPAC claims that they are a bunch of rich Indian Americans. They say
this so that they can get registered as a Political Action Committee,
but even on their own website they admit that their ties to India are
very strong. This organization is as smelly as curry-encrusted 2-Rupee

   The US India Political Action Committee (USINPAC) is a
   national, bipartisan political action committee of the
   Indian American community. Based in Washington, DC, USINPAC
   is a strong and clear voice on Capitol Hill. USINPAC's
   mission is to impact policy on issues of concern to the
   Indian American community.

   Commending the efforts, and achievements of USINPAC, in the
   short span of one year since its founding, the Prime Minister
   promised support from Indian policy makers, and invited and
   welcomed a USINPAC delegation to India in January 2004 to
   mark the NRI Day celebrations. With the Indian Foreign
   Secretary, Kanwal Sibal, the Indian Ambassador, Lalit Mansingh,
   and the Joint Secretary, PM Office, P S Raghavan, also present,
   the Prime Minister offered support to USINPAC's mission,
   and encouraged USINPAC to continue its innovative efforts in
   building closer strategic and economic ties between the US and
   India, "The mission you have started," he said, "has to succeed."

Directly below you will see statements taken from the Democrats'
letters. In all cases they pledged to support the best interests of the
Indian economy. Candidates missing from this list include Rev. Al
Sharpton, Dennis Kucinich, and Carol Moseley Braun. Kucinich has
repeatedly said that he supports guest-worker visa programs and
endorsed the guest-worker/amnesty bill called "Border Security and
Immigration Improvement Act of 2003" that is sponsored by Sen. John
McCain, Rep. Jeff Flake, and Jim Kolbe.

All of this means that there are only two Democrats that might not have
been bought off yet - Al Sharpton and Mosely Braun. At this time I
don't have information on where Al Sharpton or Mosely Braun stand on
H-1B or guest-worker visas so I cannot endorse them yet.

I have taken efforts to make the United States a better place to live
and work for the Indian-American community. In 2000, I negotiated an
agreement to increase the number of H-1B visas issued by the United
States. I also won bipartisan support for the H-1B visa increase by
including worker-training funds in the legislation. This was a huge
victory for Indians seeking to come to the United States to share their
tremendous talents.

Indian Americans must be in the forefront of shaping domestic and
international policy for the United States. They have earned a seat at
the policy table, and the country will be better off for their
participation in policy debates in Washington and beyond. I also oppose
any efforts to eliminate or diminish the H1-B visa program. Why do we
want to limit or otherwise handicap a community that has made such
significant and important contributions to this country? It is
counter-intuitive and counter-productive.

I believe it is important, to both the United States and to India, that
the economic and military relationship between our two countries
continue to grow. ... I will work to cut the backlog of applications
pending with the Bureau for Citizenship and Immigration Services, speed
up the naturalization process and reduce the wait for family visas and
other important matters.

A few months ago, I had the pleasure of joining members of the US India
Political Action Committee in Washington, DC. America is an immigrant
nation and as President, I will recognize and respect the vital role
that all immigrants, including Indians, have played in building the
American community. For instance, I will work to end the backlogs in
processing visa applications and providing for family reunifications by
ensuring adequate funding for the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration

With the exception of the Native Americans among us, we are all
immigrants. A carefully calibrated H-1 visa program allows our nation
to continue to benefit from the skills of the global community.
Immigration and the ability to harness the talents of a connected
worlds, is crucial to our economic, cultural and political progression.
I'm proud to acknowledge that India has been a vibrant source of talent
for America.

I applaud the work of the United States India Political Action
Committee (USINPAC) and believe that asking candidates to respond to
the concerns of your constituency is important. America works best when
each and every individual is engaged in civic participation and I look
forward to working with the Indian American community. Increased trade
with India could create many jobs in the United States.


US India Political Action Committee

Welcome to Presidential Election Campaign 2004!

Message from USINPAC Executive director Sanjay puri

Dear Friends,

With the Presidential Election now less than a year away, campaigning
for the nomination among the Democrats is now in full swing. On the
Republican side, President Bush will be the nominee for re-election.
All of the candidates have been keenly seeking the support of the
Indian American community. Several have reached out actively to our

The Indian American community has been increasingly active in public
affairs. In the last Presidential Election, we estimate that the
community contributed over $7 million to the various campaigns. This is
a very welcome development, indicating the growing political maturation
of the community. At the same time, it is unclear if this has as yet
resulted in any significant recognition of the community as a voting
block in either of the two parties. We still have far too little
visible presence of Indian Americans in the campaigns. USINPAC is
working to change this situation.

Consistent with this objective, USINPAC has decided to provide an
opportunity to the Indian American community to find out by the various
candidates, particularly on issues important to us. We plan to make
this information available on our website, and we will continue to
update it periodically. We hope this information will be helpful to you
as you make up your mind about each of the candidates.

Support Groups are in the process of being formed. If you have an
interest, please contact Dr. Inder Sud at: isud(--nospam--at) who is
spearheading this effort for USINPAC.

Click here to read the rest of the message.  Go to our Presidential
Elections 2004 site

Thank you,

Sanjay Puri

Executive Director

US India Political Action Committee


Letter from Congressman Gephardt

Dear Friends:

I applaud the work of the United States India Political Action
Committee (USINPAC), and appreciate the opportunity to share my views
with you. Since its inception, USINPAC has encouraged Indian-Americans
to become politically active and strengthened Indian-American
communications at the federal, state and local levels. In May of this
year, I was honored to speak with members of USINPAC during their
Democratic Leadership Day to discuss issues that impact Indian-American

The United States and India have formed a bond over the years that
reflects our common interests. Since I was elected to Congress 27 years
ago, I have always been committed to issues that better the lives of
Indians and Indian-Americans. I welcome the opportunity to share with
you my views and strong record on these issues.

(To read the rest of letter, click here.)

Best regards,

Congressman Richard A. Gephardt


Letter from Senator Lieberman

Dear Friends:

The strength of the United States has always come from its diversity.
Its diversity comes from its immigrant communities. We are a strong
nation, a unified nation, because of our diversity.

One of our nation’s most important and fastest growing immigrant
communities is the Indian American Community. It is two million plus
strong and growing. Approximately 10% of the medical students in this
country are Indian American. One out of four high tech businesses in
the San Francisco Bay Area is Indian American owned. The American
landscape is full of Indian entrepreneurs who create economic growth
and opportunity as small businessmen and -women. Indian Americans have
the highest per capita income of any ethnic minority at $68,000. In
short, Indian Americans are a success story.

(To read the rest of letter, click here.)


Joe Lieberman


Letter from Senator Kerry

Dear Friends:

I am delighted to have this opportunity to share my views and my vision
with the Indian-American community. The importance of this election
cannot be overstated. George Bush has taken our country down the wrong
path in nearly every conceivable way. As president, I will make America
safer, stronger and more prosperous. I will nurture the important
relationship between the United States and India and ensure that the
rights of Indian-Americans are protected here at home.

I have long supported a closer relationship between the United States
and India -- democracies that share many ideals, and face common
challenges. I believe it is important, to both the United States and to
India, that the economic and military relationship between our two
countries continue to grow. As President, I will continue the combined
naval and special forces exercises our governments have undertaken. The
threat of international terrorism affects both the United States and
India. And the fight against terrorism requires a mix of military,
diplomatic and law enforcement responses. I strongly believe that the
United States and India must continue to work together to bolster our
joint capacities. The development of bilateral and multilateral working
groups is crucial.

(To read the rest of letter, click here.)


John F. Kerry


Letter from Governor Dean

Dear Friends,

A few months ago, I had the pleasure of joining members of the US
India Political Action Committee in Washington, DC, as part of your
Democratic Leadership Day.  I would like to take this opportunity to
share with your entire membership why I am running for President of the
United States and how, as President, I will address some of the issues
that are important to the Indian American community.

I am running for President to restore the ideal of the American
community.  Protecting our civil rights is fundamental to this ideal.
Whether you define community by geography, ethnicity, religion, or
shared experience, our democracy is built on a foundation of mutual
respect and equal opportunity for all our diverse populations.  To
accomplish this goal, I will appoint an Attorney General who sees our
constitution not as a document to be manipulated, ignored, and
violated, but recognizes and respects it as the fabric that binds the
American community together.  As President, I will implement measures
to remove the glass ceiling that impedes qualified men and women from
professional advancement because of race or national origin.  I will
also direct my Attorney General to put an end to racial profiling
practices within the federal government and among federally funded
state and local law enforcement agencies.  I will call for the rollback
of the Patriot Act and the overly broad investigative and surveillance
powers it gives to the government.  I will also oppose any effort to
expand the powers authorized under the Act.

(To read the rest of letter, click here.)


Howard Dean, M.D.


Letter from Wesley K. Clark

Greetings USINPAC members:

Thank you for inviting me to share my views with you. I believe
America’s true strength lies in its diversity, and the Indian-
American community is integral to the enrichment and prosperity of this
country. I commend the United States India Political Action Committee
(USINPAC) for being engaged in the kind of public discourse that makes
America great.

The relationship between the U.S. and India is rooted in our common
democratic ideals—and it grows stronger everyday. As President I will
be committed to addressing the wide range of issues important to the
Indian-American community.

(To read the rest of letter, click here.)


Wesley K. Clark


Letter from Senator Edwards

Dear Members of the USINPAC:

I applaud the work of the United States India Political Action
Committee (USINPAC) and believe that asking candidates to respond to
the concerns of your constituency is important.

America works best when each and every individual is engaged in civic
participation and I look forward to working with the Indian American
community. The United States and India share many common strategic
interests. I agree with Prime Minister Vajpayee that as the world’s
largest democracies, and with the values and principles that we share,
the U.S. and India are "natural allies." As natural allies, we should
continue to cooperate on a wide range of defense issues, including
joint military exercises and the sale of military equipment when this
enhances India's security and contributes to regional stability.

(To read the rest of letter, click here.)


John Edwards

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