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Re: Raymond Step Tapered Piles

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Thanks for all the help.

The current Raymond International is unfortunately not the Raymond International of the 70s' and 80's that handled piling work.  According to the girl I talked to, that Raymond (piling group) went out of business around 1984 after being bought out by Santa Fe International, then the Kuwaiti's, then who knows?

The drawings I have actually give the depth and vertical load capacity of the piles.  What I was hoping to find was the casing thickness (gage) and the corrugations profile so I could model the bending properties of the piles in the upper section which I believe they ignored in the original design.

Again thanks for the assistance,

Thomas Hunt,S.E.
ABS Consulting


12/09/2003 07:03 AM

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Re: Raymond Step Tapered Piles

I worked on an existing building several years ago that had Raymond step tapered piles for the foundation system. As I remember, they are still in business, (as Raymond International), have a web site, and an offiice in, (I think), Santa Fe Springs, Calif.
Hope this helps,
Larry Hauer S.E.

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I have a seismic upgrade project where the original drawings of 1958 call out for Raymond Step Tapered Piles approximately 32 feet long with a seal tip not less than 8 inch diameter and an average diameter not less than 12 inches.  I seem to remember these to be a proprietary pile from Raymond where they screwed pipe sections together, pounded the casing to depth, then filled the casing with concrete.

Does anyone have any technical information on these piles?  I believe that they use to have a catalog of details and properties.


Thomas Hunt, S.E.

ABS Consulting

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