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Vertical Post in Pipe railing

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List Members,


I’m back on the list after several weeks away to make a cross country move.


Anyway, my question is this.  I am checking some pipe railings submitted by a contractor.  Although ask by my superior to check the base connection, I’m doing a quick check on the railing members since the vertical posts are spaced at 9’ o.c.  I’m using a graph in the NAAMM  Metal Stairs Manual to distribute some of the loading. 


My first question is if using the 50plf load is there any distribution at all?  That would produce a 450# load to the top of the vertical post well over the 200# concentrated load criteria.  The manual uses a graph on page 5-25 which distributes loads based on the stiffness of rails vs posts.  Does this only work for the 200# criteria?


My second question is (hopefully some of you are familiar with the graph) an explanation of “center loaded” and “end loaded” as shown on the graph on page 5-25 of this same NAAMM Manual.


Thanks for your help


Joseph R. Grill, PE


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