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Wood shear panels

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If someone of superior knowledge could please massage my brain:

Last week there was a thread on perforated shearwalls.  Someone
mentioned "reinforced openings" (or "force transfer" based on "rational
analysis" as UBC 2315.1 puts it).  Chuck Utzman pointed out that Faherty
is the source for this (Chapter 8 of the 3rd edition).  It's a chapter
authored by Ed Diekmann, and as far as I can tell from previous threads,
Diekmann is the only source ever mentioned for this method.

"Diekmann's Way" for shearwalls is interesting, needless to say.  I have
one nagging question:  On pages 8.46, 8.47, and 8.76, Diekmann shows
shear diaphragm segments with unit shears.  The arrows indicate a
circular flow.  This confuses me. Ignoring axial forces, I would
normally draw unit shear like this (like you see in any mechanics text):

    | |     | |\
    | |     | | 
   \| |_____| |

I can only resolve the forces in his examples by drawing shear as shown
above.  Is there an explanation for his diagramming? The examples are
very abbreviated in showing calcs, and sign convention isn't discussed.
Are there other examples in other textbooks which also use Diekmann's

Ed Tornberg, PE 
Blazer Industries, Inc. 
Aumsville, OR

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