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Fw: Lateral Deflection of Masonry Wall Building

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AISC has a booklet in their design guide series that deals with lateral drift in low rise metal buildings. They reason that with properly detailed masonry connections H/150 for 10 year wind is acceptable. I use the proper detailing (ref NCMA TEK Note on cmu infills with MBS) with  h/150 for 50 year wind. You do however have to give consideration to how interior brittle finishes react to the deflection. HTH
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Subject: RE: Lateral Deflection of Masonry Wall Building

I'm developing specifications for a pre-engineered building which will
include some masonry veneer walls. I'm currently planning on specifying a
drift limit of H/200 under full design wind load (at service load levels).
This is somewhat of a compromise vs tighter drift limits and design at lower
wind recurrence levels. I prefer to design at full wind load, so I decided
to use a "moderate" drift limit. (I don't want to expect repairs for winds
in excess of 10-year winds.) In my opinion, H/100 at 10-year wind speeds is
not stringent enough. I've heard that drift limits of H/200 are not that
uncommon (Ref NCMA TEK 5-5A).

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