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CA & NFPA 5000

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I heard a rumor last night that there is only about a 50% chance that CA
will follow through on its decision to adopt the NFPA 5000.  Is this just
one guy?s opinion, or is there some truth to this?

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Subject: RE: Keeping the American Spirit Alive Was: DC PE needed (drawings

Except for when California is officially using the NFPA Code.  Calif.
engineers will have to stretch to help in projects outside the state and
other States won't bother asking Calif. for help.  Steve Widmayer, PE

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Subject: Keeping the American Spirit Alive Was: DC PE needed (drawings
This is a perfect example of how the SEAINT (or other) List can help a
company or peer find help in a specific state. I know it is not foolproof,
but it sure is nice to see it in action when it works.
Dennis S. Wish, PE

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