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RE: Keeping the American Spirit Alive

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Dennis Wish wrote:
However, to be blunt, I do believe in protectionism in the US because of the loss of jobs to outsourcing, H-1b, NAFTA that have not returned benefits to the individual workers in the US 
Alan Greenspan made a presentation in Dallas today.  He stated, in part, that the greatest threat to continued U.S. economic growth is narrow-minded protectionism.  A few minutes ago, the NYSE closed for the day with the DJIA above 10,000.  Much of the recovery in the past month has been led by the "blue chip" stocks ... the good old American multi-nationals.  They have learned how to make money all over the world and I, for one, have greatly benefited.  In addition, my firm and many others have directly benefited as a result of NAFTA (projects throughout Mexico, all produced in Texas).  So let free trade be the order of the day, and everyone (except you, of course) will benefit! 
Finally, let's not disparage our northern brethren.  The Canadians have graciously given us hockey, curling, waterfowl, and a much needed buffer between the Arctic and our more habitable areas.  There is still so much that we can learn from them, and vice versa, just as soon as their experiment on the far left reaches it's natural conclusion.
Happy Holidays Y'all,
Stan R. Caldwell, P.E.
Dallas, Texas