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Subject: CA IBC

In response to the question whether there is a 50% chance that CA will follow through to adopt the NFPA 5000, the answer is that the chances of that happening are closer to zero than to 50%.
The Governor has issued Executive Order S-2-03 putting a 180 day hold on all proposed regulatory actions and all regulations adopted, amended or repealed since January 6, l999 until they can be evaluated for their potential economic impact on California business enterprises and individuals and to determine if they are perceived to work against businesses and inhibit growth and economic prosperity.  Even if the technical deficiencies of NFPA were corrected,  the cost to local jurisdictions and to the construction industry, because of design, permitting and inspection changes, due to a new code format after using the UBC for 75 years would be enormous.
Look for new hearings by the Building Standards Commission where they will actually listen to the professional's recommendations for the IBC.
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