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RE: Keeping the American Spirit Alive Reply to Jeff

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Title: RE: DC PE needed (drawings review)


Actually you did not set me off. I do have a nerve open for those who think I might be bigoted for wanting to protect the jobs of Americans within America. This seems to be the first argument sent to anyone who is protective of their national job market.


I was against removing the tariffs, but I don’t think it was for the reason of free trade. I remember when counterfeit A325 bolts came into the US from Asia (I recall that it was Asia but might be mistaken about this) and they did not hold up in construction. I think that we set very high standards on building materials (and not enough on building method compliance) and by lifting the tariffs we risk allowing lower quality materials to be brought into the US by price buyers that can retard the quality of construction that we strive to uphold through building codes. If the quality is no longer there, then our choice (if we can’t control this) is to raise the bar again on code conformance.


I can’t admit that it is Engineering Spirit that we are trying to protect – I think it is a National labor protection issue that is probably felt in the European Union and Canada as well.


Happy Holidays to all,



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I hit a nerve!  I think my quick comment was interpreted wrong.  I agree with you entirely on everything you said (to a point).  My comment was soley based on the title of the email rather than the content.  If I want engineering services in my area, I will do just the same; ask the list for local references.  But in doing so, I don't feel that I'm keeping the American Spirit alive. Nor the Canadian Spirit for that matter.  Engineering spirit??  Internet spirit?? 


From your reply, I take it that you were FOR the steel tarrifs that Bush was stung on?  (of which Canada was not subject to).  My impression is that there are two completely divided camps on that one depending on what state you live and work in.


(sorry to have set you off!)



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It is an international list and you are welcome to do the same with wood needs throughout Canada. If you were licensed in the US in the states that these engineers need help, I don’t see why you could not offer your services.

However, to be blunt, I do believe in protectionism in the US because of the loss of jobs to outsourcing, H-1b, NAFTA that have not returned benefits to the individual workers in the US. Right now, the Food Workers Unions are trying to figure ways to save the benefits of their Union members that the Grocers in California wish to reduce or remove. Many of us work for benefits and this is important. When our annual gross income is forced down or reduced because of competition in other countries, those who carry the debt that almost every middle and lower income family has will not reduce or forgive the loan. Because of this, we need to protect those in our own profession who are available but who may not be making ends meet. It isn’t a greed issue, it is a basic needs issue in the US and I invite anyone in any other country to help your own countrypersons by offering work when you have more than you can handle.



Dennis S. Wish, PE