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RE: oh canada!

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Sorry to continue on this off topic thread, but there doesn't seem to be a lot of SE issues right now.
It gets me how little the Americans know about us.  Peter Jennings, Alex Trebec, Celine Dion... Common people!!  Give me a break.  CNN says our new Prime Minister is "Pro-U.S.".  Really?  (Did you even know we have a new Prime Minister today?  It didn't make the front page in many papers south of the border..)  I wonder if he thinks he's pro-U.S.  I sure hope he doesn't say "how high" when Bush says "jump".  He'll get his ass voted out pretty quick if he does.  I find that Americans (unless they are specifically in the field or are exceptionally well read) typically have no idea of the magnitude of technology and resources that the US gets from us.  Millions of dollars of goods and services cross that border every minute by rail, truck, air and telecommunications.  Americans have a good reason to implement protectionist polices against us.  The surplus of trade that flows into the US is staggaring.  We can do it with similar or higher quality and cheaper.  Don't give me this "Canada gave us Celine Dion and hockey" crap! 
But we do get noticed when something goes wrong.  It's so easy to blame us for things.  The terrorists DID NOT come through Canada, contrary to popular belief.  The black out DID NOT start up here, even though Mr. New York mayor was so quick to point the finger.  Damn Canadians!  Go back to your igloos.  Quit screwing with the America the great.
When I speak to my American friends about current Canadian issues, I don't know if I should be embarrased by their ignorance or hurt. 
As for Celine, I'm not a particular fan of her music.  (I'm more of a Shania Twain fan!) Although she did do a pretty good job on the Titanic soundtrack. And she's in Vegas right now too milking all those rich Americans of their hard earned cash doing nightly shows at Caesar's.  Somebody's gotta like her music! She's a great export!  Go Celine!