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RE: Public Relations

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Happy Holidays to you to Stan – these are passionate issues from one who tries to make a difference but as Gail Kelley pointed out, the majority of volunteers to SEA or those in NCSEA are compensated by the companies they work for. I will concede that these companies do enough and are not required to pay for the type of advertising that I suggest. But to the final point, I was a member of SEAOC from 1983 until nearly two years ago and left when I stopped believing that the volunteers who sit on the board of directors and many who chair committees like the Seismology Committee have lost touch with their members (except those who may work for their companies) and are no representing the member. When they start acting as representation of the members needs in practical application of code structure, then I might just join again. Until then, I belong to those organizations who I believe really benefit from my dues and represent my needs. One such is the LGSEA (Light Gauge Steel Engineers Association) – who in the last ten years has developed standards that the industry (manufacturers of cold-form steel) are beginning to adopt. Although I am not a member, I can’t say enough for the Wood Truss Council of America and the work that they have accomplished with the Truss Plate Institute over the last ten years in improving (not yet perfection) the design and quality of metal side plate wood trusses.


I’ve left out other associations and organizations that can benefit more from my dollar if I had that much to go around.


Thank you, Stan, for the nice compliment – there are times when the kettle gets too hot (but some of those times are awfully fun to play through).


Best wishes to you and your family,


Dennis S. Wish, PE


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Calm down, and keep up the good work!  When enough structural engineers join and become active in their local SEAs, there might eventually be enough money and energy to proceed with the sorts of advertising campaigns that you want to see.  In the meantime, you should be aware that most SEAs are run entirely by the volunteer efforts of your peers without any paid staff.  Even NCSEA and the larger SEAs are run mostly by volunteers working under miniscule budgets.  Until you agree to join SEAoC, please let the pear tree keep growing and refrain from shooting the partridge!


Happy Holidaze,