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Re: Keeping the American Spirit Alive

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Welcome back--you were indeed missed.  However, we definitely do not need any political commentary--T&SBHL or otherwise.  Next year promises to be a very heated political fight & I hope & pray that nobody is so impolite as to bring it to this forum (I could mention names, but you know how you are ;o)

I have recently discovered the wonderful blog world. Intelligent political discussions carried on at great length & tapping into a myriad of information sources.  If you want to talk politics--left/right/moderate there are numerous sites devoted to the subject & I'd be delighted to make recommendations. 

But could we all please make a New Year's resolution to keep it off this forum.

Happy Holidays,
Chuck Utzman, P.E.
Christopher Wright wrote:
I am glad you're back on this List. Whatever happened to you? Best regards,
That's very kind. I got unsubscribed at one point last fall and when I 
tried re-subscribing on the web site it didn't take for some reason. I've 
just been stalling around since then.

So what has the list been doing when it needs tax-and-spend bleeding 
heart liberal commentary? 

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___________________________| John Sedgwick, Spotsylvania 1864)

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