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Many of you have suggested we take these topics elsewhere and now we can. If you are interested in a very broad spectrum of topics to challenge the mind, I invite you to subscribe to the private professional’s listservices freespeech(--nospam--at) .


To subscribe, please visit our website at: and enter your user name and password. There is a confirmation process and instructions are provided. E-mail me directly if you have any trouble with the subscription process or wonder if a topic is appropriate for the list.


This list is for intelligent discussions unrelated to code or methodology. Politics, religion, Outsourcing, Protectionism and almost anything you can think of is allowed. What is not allowed are direct hit and run tactics. If you wish to debate a topic – provide facts, links and intelligent commentary (provide references and remember to quote sources when quoting). Above all – keep your temper in control and consider the rules of debate to be in forced. If I feel someone has stepped out of line – I’ll issue a warning. Only one warning per customer and then it is two weeks of time out. After this you may again participate. The second offense you’re off the list. No three strikes program here!.


Have fun and enjoy the stimulation.



Dennis S. Wish, PE

Listservice moderator